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Best oils made by 3Chi's industry best scientists, using natural and organic hemp.


3Chi Industry-Leading Science

3Chi leaders in the advancement of Delta 8, HHC, THCO, cannabinoid testing, and more.


Dispensary-Level Lab Testing

3Chi products and oils tested in-house and via third-party labs for safety


Safety & Responsible Use Advocates

3Chi put customers safety first and advocate only responsible adult usage.

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At 3Chicarts, we pride ourselves on offering the most convenient means of accessing the beat delta 8 THC vape carts, which is why our online store provides the best 3Chi Delta-8-THC Carts among other popular products.  When you buy 3Chi Delta-8-THC vape cartridges through our convenient online store, you can learn a lot from the detailed product descriptions and high-resolution product images. Every 3Chi Delta-8-THC vape cartridge we offer is intended to meet the highest quality standards and deliver the relief you seek.



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About 3Chi

3Chi was created by a veteran biochemist with product formulation expertise. After experiencing the benefits of hemp, 3Chi was founded to bring minor cannabinoids to US consumers with the most effective products on the market. In September 2019, 3Chi developed a novel method to derive and concentrate Delta 8 THC from hemp and thus started to offer the first legal THC product that is federally compliant. Additionally, 3Chi tests for heavy metals, residuals, microbials, pesticides and vitamin e acetate to ensure the products are of high quality. The recent vaping health scare was driven by low-cost and low-quality manufacturers jumping into the industry. 3Chi’s mission states: “Our goal is to deconstruct the hemp plant, one cannabinoid at a time, so that we can test, analyze, and then reconstruct cannabinoid blends that are exponentially more beneficial than the hemp plant in its natural form. By doing this we hope to help as many people as possible become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.”